Fracture: Your Photos Printed on Glass

Fracture is a small company that is making a name for themselves in photo printing.  Why are they unique? They print your photos to glass.  I ordered the 4×4 size to make coasters as a gift for someone, but there are so many size options and different options for backing the photos to create almost anything you can dream of.

The Fracture website is very user friendly.  The hard part was picking the photos that I wanted to use for my coaster set.  I edited and sized my photos (cuz I’m a bit picky on what my pictures look like).  I picked my product, uploaded my photos, and I was done.  What happened next was amazing!

The next day, I got an email from a real person (not an auto email).  She was going to be personally taking care of my order and did I want the white bars on the sides of my photos.  (See, I had to have my photos 4×4 shaped for the coasters and couldn’t figure out how to get a horizontal photo 4×4 without creating the white bars to fill in the rest of the image).  I told her I was fine with it because of the size factor.  Do you know what she said??!?!  She could take care of that and the photos would fill the area.

WHAT?  I was in shock.  I’ve never had such wonderful and personal service from any store, much less an online store.

The coasters were packaged extremely well and looked beautiful.  In fact, you could use these little babies for all sorts of things…wall collages, invitations, wedding favors, and more!

Prices are pretty reasonable and start at $10.  If you are looking for some fun, unique, modern, and affordable ..then check out Fracture.   I was extremely impressed as was hubbyman! You have nothing to looe…they have a money back guarantee.


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Disclaimer: I received the above item for review purposes; I was not compensated for my review.  All opinions are my own. Photos are from Fracture so I can keep my gift a secret.  :)  

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