Gourmet Food at Home with Aqua Chef

I love watching cooking shows, cooking competitions, basically anything cooking related.  But one  problem…I was wanted to try to make some of the dishes I see created on Top Chef, The Next Iron Chef, and others.  One thing that always sounded interesting was sous vide.  That’s the fancy term for vacuum sealing something and then gently cooking it in a water bath.

The Aqua Chef is a way to do this at home!   Besides being super easy, it creates very little mess and gives you that gourmet taste and texture that we all crave!  It eliminates the need for extra oil to cook and will turn tough cuts of meat into moist and delicious meals!  The Aqua Chef uses Thermal Immersion cooking techniques to perfectly cook your food (read more about it on their site).

I know you’re thinking, that you don’t have a vacuum sealer!  It’s okay, because the Aqua Chef comes with a mini vacuum sealer and bags.  It comes with every thing you need to get started, except the food.   They thought of everything, including a cookbook in case you need a little inspiration.

I was planning to take photos of my creation but it got dark too early and then the family ate it up so fast there was just no way to get you a photo.  LOL!  Although, my mom and I did discuss that this little baby might be perfect for making a small batch of homemade jam or applesauce in little half pint jars.  I don’t see why it wouldn’t work, but I haven’t tried it.  I think I will let my mom borrow the machine and give it a go!

I really love this photo from the Aqua Chef site.  It really shows how the machine works to cook the food! From Aqua Chef:

  • Seal – Locks out air & keeps in 100% of the flavors, nutrients & moisture!
  • Set – Food cooks in its own natural juices at the finished temperature for perfect results every time!
  • Serve – Enjoy the most mouthwatering, flavorful, tender and succulent meals you’ve ever had!

Buy from Aqua Chef directly or I found them on Amazon!

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Disclaimer: I received the above item for review purposes; I was not compensated for my review.  All opinions are my own. Photos are from Aqua Chef.  

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