Knork: Innovative Flatware

I had never heard of Knork until a month or so ago, but I was so intrigued by the concept.  A fork that you can use to cut food, but it has no sharp edges.  Had to give them a try.

Knork is ergonomically designed to work with the way we naturally eat.  It has a broad, curved edge to easily cut through food.  It can be used whether you are right or left handed.  The flatware has a great hand feel.  It is strong, stable, and doesn’t feel like it will bend if you use it to cut your food, like a regular fork does.  I’m bad and will try to use my regular fork to cut everything I can (ya know…one less piece of flatware to wash if I don’t get out the knife) and I’ve ruined a forks doing this.   In fact, the Knorks are  made from 18/10 stainless steal, so it is dishwasher safe…that’s a huge selling point for me.  If it can’t go in the dishwasher, I usually won’t buy it!


The flatware comes in glossy, matte, or combo so it’s easy to get something that will match what you already have.  They also have a line of steak knives that I’m dying to try…they look fabulous!

But I know you are wondering how it really worked…right?!?!?  They worked great.  Now, I don’t want you thinking this will cut your steak…well, it might if you have a super duper tender steak…that’s why they have the knives.  However, it will cut things like pizza, a baked potato, a pear, chicken, and more.

I love this camping set of Knorks.  We haven’t been camping to give them a try, but did use them for a picnic one afternoon and loved them.  They took the place of both a knife and fork, so I didn’t have to carry around lots for plasticware.  The kids love the bright fun colors too!  These babies are dishwasher safe too!  Perfect for camping, picnicing, backpacking, BBQing, and tailgaiting!

You can win a 20 piece set in my Win Your Gifts Giveaway or buy from the Knork online store, Amazon, or various retail locations.  These would make a great wedding gift, housewarming gift, holiday gift, or just cuz you want new flatware gift.

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Disclaimer: I was given a set of forks to facilitate my review.  I was not compensated for this post; all opinions are my own. 

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