Tortilla Soup and Taco Twists

Tortilla Soup

Do you have a Blendtecor Vitamix?  I love mine, we use is for smoothies all the time.  When I bought it I knew I could make a hot soup with it, but I never tried until Kaylynn begged me to.  The soup is very similar to the one found in one of the cookbooks and […]

Chicken and Corn Soup

Chicken and Corn Soup

John and Kaylynn are HUGE soup fans. It’s okay for me, but I try my best to please everyone during the week and a good soup will make them both happy. So, I’m always trying to make a new soup for supper and I always love a meal that is easily made from pantry staples. […]

Clam Chowder

clam chowder

This is hands down my all time favorite soup recipe.  I have not had a clam chowder that tastes better than this…I won’t even order it at restaurants any more.  However, I do realize that I don’t live any where were there are fresh clams so there might be a better clam chowder out there, but I […]

Spinach & Tortellini Soup

Spinach and Tortellini Soup

This soup is the result of me cleaning out the fridge and freezer.    I had a bunch of odds and ends left over, not enough to keep, but too much to throw out.  It’s not the prettiest of soups, but it actually turned out really good.   The kids were super excited about the […]

8 Can Soup

8 Can Soup

We love this soup.  The entire family just eats it up and it’s super easy to make.  Again, this is another budget/pantry meal.  It’s also a perfect meal to have around if you are a prepper as all the ingredients for this soup and cans of things, so all the items will store nicely in […]

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Slow Cooker Split Pea Soup

Split Pea Soup

I grew up eating Split Pea Soup from a can and I really did love it. However, I try not to use too many canned soups because of the sodium content. I found this recipe which uses a leftover ham bone (think Christmas and Easter leftovers) and the best part is that it cooks in the slow cooker. Read More…



For some reason our Christmas Eve tradition is Mexican food.  This year, hubbyman’s aunt made a ton of yummy food.  She brought over a huge pot of Posole, which is basically a Mexican version of pork stew.  It was delicious.  Even the kids ate it and asked for seconds.  I’m warning you now that it […]

Slow Cooker Black-Eyed Pea Soup

As any good Southern girl knows, we must eat our black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day for good luck and prosperity in the upcoming year.  Unfortunately, I married a 4th generation Arizonan who hates black-eyed peas….that is, until I made this soup a couple years ago.  The complaining about supper on New Year’s Day has […]