Announcing the Cooking 101 eBook!!!

Oh my goodness, y’all!!!  I’m so excited to finally tell you that the Cooking 101 ebook: 21 Easy Scratch Recipes is for sale!  WOOHOO!  It’s been a learning experience to say the least, but I think my very first ebook turned out pretty darn good!

Whether you are new to AMFT or you went through the Cooking 101: The Basics series last spring you will want to pick up this ebook.  It’s filled with 21 tried and true scratch recipes that you should be making for you and your family!

The Cooking 101 ebook is HERE!  21 Easy Scratch Recipes

Almost a year to the day that the online cooking classes started, I’m launching the Cooking 101 ebook.  The ebook has all the traditional recipes plus many new recipes that weren’t included in the series  (sorry the gluten free and dairy free versions aren’t in this one).  I took a few polls to see what other recipes y’all wanted in the book so I added some in.

Every recipe is one of my favorites!  These truly are the recipes that I make at home on a regular basis for my family.

What to expect:

  • a picture of every single recipe
  • 21 scratch recipes
  • quotes about food and cooking
  • a free gift

Yep…I’ve included a little somethin’ extra for y’all!  I love freebies and FREE PRINTABLES are even better!

Can’t wait to grab your download?


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Cooking 101 ebook: 21 Easy Scratch Recipes  



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  1. Congrats on finishing your book. Would be good to have all your recipes in one place. Thanks for the work you put into it.

  2. Congratulations! I am excited your ebook is ready to share. Love that there is a picture of every recipe. That always helps me to figure out what to cook. :)

  3. This great! I really believe in cooking from scratch! Such great healthy options. I always love when cookbooks have pics of each thing…those really are the recipes I try because you can see it!

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