1 Minute Dixie Cup Cakes

1 Minute Dixie Cup Cakes (just cake mix, water, and a paper dixie cup)

I think I have created a monster!  Making individual serving cakes in a coffee mug with a cake mix in the microwave is nothing new.  However, many of the recipes call for regular cake mix plus the addition of angel food cake mix (for the egg), put it the microwave on 50% power for a couple minutes and ta-da there is a small cake.  I think this is even better.  Did you know, it works just as good without the angel food cake mix?  Yep, you don’t need it!  Plus cooking it in a paper Dixie Cup saves on clean-up.  So, without further ado, let me introduce you to my little friends that I call 1 Minute Dixie Cup Cakes.

1 Minute Dixie Cup Cakes (just cake mix, water, and a paper dixie cup)

Apparently, I have some sort of paper cup buying problem and had a gazillion of them in the pantry. {Please, don’t judge me!}  Some quick google searches led me to a couple sites for baking cakes in these little handy paper cups, which got me to thinkin’…could I “bake” my cake in the microwave.

1 Minute Dixie Cup Cakes (just cake mix, water, and a paper dixie cup)

I have a huge package of the tiny 3 oz cups from a Costco impulse buy when my 8yo was little.  I had grand plans of cute little snacks in them…which obviously didn’t work.  What I did realize is that the 3 oz size is the perfect…I mean the PERFECT size for little mouths!

I can see this size working out nicely for after school snacks, a quick after supper treat, fun slumber party treats, and on and on.  I bet my 8yo could make these without any help at all….in fact I know she could!

1 Minute Dixie Cup Cakes (just cake mix, water, and a paper dixie cup)

Stop the presses!  There is one problem though…the 3 oz cup size was not a good size for Mommy!  I dug around until I found the mother load …the 12 oz paper Dixie Cups hiding in the far corner of my pantry.  There she should in all her glory, waiting {no, begging} for me to fill her with cake mix.  And so I did.  It was a glorious site as I watched that cake batter get all bubbly as it turned and turned in the microwave for what seemed like an eternity  Luckily, this size only takes one minute and ten seconds….and then…that wonderful chocolate cake hit my mouth.  {Who knew I was only 70 seconds away from chocolate cake all this time?}

1 Minute Dixie Cup Cakes (just cake mix, water, and a paper dixie cup)

Really, any size cup will work for this, you might just need to play around with your batter amounts and microwave times.

The best part is the lack of clean up.  There is no mixer, no pans, no oil cup, or egg shells…heck there isn’t even a coffee cup to clean.  Just one tablespoon and a fork.   That makes this a winner for me any day!

1 Minute Dixie Cup Cakes (just cake mix, water, and a paper dixie cup)

Disclaimer…..this is NOT a sponsored post.  Dixie Cups has no idea who I am and that I created this fabulous treat using their cups!  LOL!

You have to tell me if you make these and what you think!  My kids thought I was the best mom in the world!

1 Minute Dixie Cup Cakes
  • 1 package cake mix (any flavor)
  • water
  • 3oz or 12oz paper Dixie Cups
  • Toppings: frosting, sprinkles, ice cream (opt)
  1. For the 12 oz cup:
  2. ½ cup plus 1tbl cake mix
  3. ¼ cup water
  4. 1:10 min in the microwave
  5. In a 12oz Dixie Cup combine cake mix and water and stir well. Batter should be thick. Place in microwave for 1 minute and 10 seconds. Let cool for one minute or so and then add toppings.
  6. For the 3 oz cup:
  7. 3 tbls cake
  8. 1 tbl water
  9. 45 seconds in the microwave
  10. In a 3oz Dixie Cup combine cake mix and water and stir well. Batter should be thick. Place in microwave for 45 seconds. Let cool for one minute or so and then add toppings.
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  1. I like the recipe and plan on using it, but not in a Dixie cup. Ever since all of that news about chemicals leaching out into the food from plastic in the microwave, true or not, I’ve steered away from putting anything like it in the microwave. I’ll just have to add a mug or ramekin to my cleanup, but I’d rather that than risk eating harmful chemicals.

  2. How much water (liquid) can be used to mix with the whole box of cake mix and could you put the individual cups in the microway (or half of them) at one time and for how long?
    Appreciate hearing your response

  3. This sounds so much better than the 123 cake. And I absolutely love the idea of using Dixie cups instead of coffee cups! No more clean up with instant gratification! Thank you so much.

  4. Nicely explained, I actually made this Cake today, it is a universal fact that food cooked in microwave oven tastes delicious. Microwave oven usually saves time in cooking and does retain the nutritive value of food. It is guaranteed method of fast cooking.

  5. For Celiacs, where are the gluten free mug cakes? I found this site when searching for them.
    Can these be done with gluten free cake mixes?

      • OK, I tried Betty Crocker’s Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Mix and it works!!! MIght need a TAD more water, but will wait for your thoughts. I used a shot glass to fancy it up a bit, but will use the Dixie cups at a future party. I may pre-fill the cups so all we do is add the water and stir. I think a fork actually works better than a spoon for stirring. SO nice not to have to use Angel Food Cake mix as well.

  6. I just tried this with a pkg. of cake mix I wanted to use up. I remember many yrs. ago Pillsbury ? have micro recipes in a booklet you could request from them?.. Lost it over time, but now I know I can just look on the Internet and Viola old is new again..LOL thanks again for the tips.

  7. Hi Wendy!!! Love this! Can you use other liquid instead of the water? ie., milk, lemonade, oj etc? What about additions? like chocolate, caramel, m & m’s? Thanks so much for a Fabulous idea!

  8. I remember these from magizine a long time ago. Definetly going to do it agan. Oh and tonight One minute blueberry cobbler!

  9. This sounds terrific. I’m a long time user of the 123 Microvave Cake (with the Angel Food Cake Mix) and like the sound of just using a basic cake mix. Will be trying these tonight (after I buy a cake mix). Have you done anthing like this with a Brownie Mix? I always have Brownie Mixes in the house but not cake mixes. I’m wondering if you would use the same ratio of mix & water.

  10. I love it. BUT, I have an even better idea for you. I make a simple sheet cake using just a box of cake mix AND 12 ozs of any flavor sodapop. Chocolate cake mix with Cherry pop or cherrypepsi or cherry dr pepper is fabulous. I am going to make my cakes in a dixie cup, using my mixture, from now on. Thankyou,

  11. I love this idea! My son is gluten free and we just went to a bday party. I burn everything so I didn’t make anything but this would be so easy to throw in the micro right before the party! If you try a gluten free version will you also let me know the best brand. I am new at this. Thnx!

  12. These look awesome, thank you for sharing the tips on making these. Love the idea of making them in the dixie cups. Can’t wait to try and share this one!

  13. thankyou very much… It’s an inovetive idea tht helped me to give my best buddy a surprice on her birthday..
    It was an awsom feeling to make A CAKE IN A DIXIE CUP. well thanks to your recipe that my first hand made cake was appriciated.. looking forward for more inovetive recipes.. :)

  14. Well, I was looking for a treat to make for my friends for my upcoming birthday and I think I found it. This is such a cute idea, I can’t wait to try it out and the photos you took for these just make them look amazing.


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