Blue & Orange Birthday Party

 Blue & Orange Birthday Party Table

Today is my son’s 2nd birthday!  We celebrated with family and friends last weekend with a small backyard party.  I didn’t really make any new recipes for his party, but I thought I would share the party details with y’all anyway.

Blue & Orange Birthday Party

I’ve never been a huge fan of licensed-themed parties, but my little man really didn’t have a favorite activity yet (he does now…Monster Trucks) so I decided on a color theme.  I found a cute tablescape picture of an orange/blue Easter table on another blog and I fell in love with it.  So everything at our party was orange and blue…even down to the fruit (oranges and blueberries).

I hit up our local candy store and lucked out with blue and orange gum balls, m&m’s, rock candy, and suckers.  The craft store had the most beautiful flowers on sale for spring.  They were beautiful on the table.  The goodie bags were filled with a wide variety of all things orange and blue (bubbles, mini frisbie, whistle, glow stick, blue candy sticks, etc).  The cupcakes were just chocolate with coordinating colored frosting.  EASY!

And finally, that cute shirt I made for my little man, just tied everything together.  I used my Silohuette to cut out fabric that I had ironed on two-sided iron-on sticy paper (I can’t think of what it’s called).  After I ironed on the fabrics, I used blue fabric paint to outline the orange fabric.  Super cute!

I hope you are inspired to step away from the prepackaged licensed characters and create your own birthday theme!  Trust me…it’s so worth it!

Blue and Orange Birthday Party Cupcakes

Thanks to my friend Kristyn over at Lil’ Luna–All Things Good for helping with the cupcake and gift bag tags!

let’s get social!


  1. Well, golly gee, if Gavin isn’t cuter than a speckled pup under a red wagon !!!! Wish I had been there to enjoy one of those cupcakes. Every thing looks so “cooool”. Glad you got away from those theme parties. Back in the dark ages when I had birthday parties for my kids, theme parties were unheard of. And isn’t it more fun to have something original !! I love you, Granny

  2. Happy Birthday Gavin. You look so grown up with your new haircut. The party was really nice. I loved the brightness and vibrancy of the colors. They just seemed to “POP”. BTW the food was really tasty too. Love you

  3. Happy Birthday to your little guy! What a cuti! I love the color them party, it turned out great! I also don’t care for the licensed party themes either. My daugher had a bright pink/zebra spa party this year, and I had a great time decorating for it. You can really get creative. Your table looks great with those vibrant colors!

  4. Happy 2nd Birthday to you little one!
    My daughter is turning 2 on Monday and we’re celebrating on Sunday!
    I also don’t care for the character themed parties and will be doing “my own thing” for her party!
    I’ll be sharing details (hopefully next wee) soon!

    Last year, we threw a Sweet Shoppe themed party for her 1st birthday and it was a huge hit! Kids and adults loved it!


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