FROZEN Hot Chocolate and Snowflake Marshmallow Pops

FROZEN Hot Chocolate and Sparkle Marshmallows #FrozenFun #shop #cbias

Aren’t these the prettiest marshmallow pops ever?  Last week while I was at Walmart I noticed the Elsa toy for the new Disney movie FROZEN.  After a quick whirl around the toy section and then through the baking asile, I had come up with a fun idea for the kids to get them all hyped up for the movie.  Honestly, I probably didn’t need to do anything but tell them we would be seeing the movie because they’ve been begging to see it for a couple months now…but making the FROZEN Hot Chocolate and Snowflake Marshmallow Pops was a lot of fun!

FROZEN Hot Chocolate and Sparkle Marshmallows #FrozenFun #shop #cbias

The Snowflake Marshmallow Pops are super easy to make.  What makes them perfect for this is that I matched the sugar color to the colors of the movie. You can make your own colored sugar to match…I picked blue and purple and used coarse sugar that I found at the store.  Here’s what you need:

  • colored sugar
  • marshmallows
  • candy sticks
  • white candy melts
  • wax paper

After you make the colored sugar to match, melt candy melts according to package directions.  Set marshmallows on waxed paper and get out the candy sticks.  When candy is melted and smooth, dip one end of stick into melted candy and then press into one side of marshmallow, inserting it about half way. Let the candy harden.

Remelt the remaining candy, dip the marshmallows halfway into candy.  Tap marshmallow on the side of the bowl to remove excess and then place on wax paper.  Allow to cool 3-4 minutes and then roll into colored sugar.  Let harden completely and then add a pretty ribbon.

FROZEN Hot Chocolate and Sparkle Marshmallows #FrozenFun #shop #cbias

The colors on the snowflake marshmallow pops were amzing!  They really did help bring FROZEN to our home.  My daughter loved her new Elsa doll that I picked up for her {although, she couldn’t sit still long enough for me to snap a photo of her with it}.  My son, picked out the Kristoff guy and they have not left each other’s sides all week.

Of course, I made the kids read the FROZEN book first, so that they would know what the movie is going to be about.  Plus, isn’t it always a good idea to read the book first.

FROZEN Hot Chocolate and Sparkle Marshmallows #FrozenFun #shop #cbias

I think the kids were more interested in how I froze the hot cocoa then anything.  They had about a bazillion questions about how I was able to do it.  Oh and they have begged me every day since then to make them again.  The FROZEN Hot Chocolate is so super easy.  In a blender, mix:

  • 2 packets hot chocolate mix (use the best you can find, I used a dark chocolate hot cocoa)
  • 2 cups milk
  • ice

Blend it up and then top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.  There you have it.  It was also Olaf’s favorite drink as well.

FROZEN Hot Chocolate and Sparkle Marshmallows #FrozenFun #shop #cbias

My kids had so much fun with their new toys and loved the treats that they are even more pumped for FROZEN the movie to open this week!  The above photo is what happens when you let the kids help.  {Gotta love ’em!}

 Find lots more FROZEN merchandise in the Walmart Toys section!

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