Grilled Green Beans

When I was at the store this week, I saw the best looking green beans.  I honestly didn’t care how much they were, I knew a bag-full would find it’s way into our shopping cart.

This weekend were the first 100 degree days of the season, so we were grilling out.  I really had no desire to heat up the kitchen even to steam my beans.  I figured it couldn’t hurt to try them on the grill.  Afterall, we grill all other sorts of veggies, but we had never done green beans.  It was a huge hit.  My picky 6yo daughter even asked for seconds–bypassing the meat on her plate.

Grilled Green Beans

1 lb fresh green beans

1 tbls garlic olive oil

1 tbls coarse kosher salt

1 tsp minced garlic (~2 cloves)

1/4 tsp crushed red pepper flakes

Wash green beans and snap off stem end.  Place them in a grilling basket set over a large platter.  Drizzle with oil and then sprinkle on remaining ingredients.  Toss to coat (I’ve been known to scoop up the oil/spices that drip on the platter and put them back on the veggies).

On a low heat grill, place basket directly over the fire.  Stir every 3-5 minutes until cooked (about 15 minutes).  When done, remove grill basket from heat and place on the platter (to catch any drippings).

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  1. At first when I saw this about grilled green beans in my e-mail a moment ago, I said to myself, I don’t know if that sounds tasty! BUT, after I read the recipe, they honestly sound yummy!!!! I would have never thought of grilling them!!! Thanks for the recipe!!

    • LOL Barb! I wasn’t sure how they would turn out, but they were super tasty. Some of them got a little crunchy and those ended up being my favorite ones!

  2. Sounds good! We grilled all weekend long b/c it was HOT!
    By the way, with grilled burgers we had the sweet potato fries w/ spicy dipping sauce you posted about recently. Awesome! My new favorite thing.

  3. I love grilling veggies, green beans included. It’s nowhere near 100F here yet. It’s been such a cold Spring. But the weather is turning the corner and I will be planting beans soon.

    When I grill veggies, I love to keep a small pot of melted butter with crushed garlic beside the grill. I brush them (and usually the meat) with it as they cook. Sometimes I don’t use anything else (besides S&P) to season the whole meal.

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