Duck Dynasty Birthday Party

Duck Dynasty Birthday Party Ideas...from invites to cupcakes to decor to printables!

So, it’s your happy happy happy birthday!  There is only one party for you….a Duck Dynasty Birthday Party.  I love themed parties, but I don’t enjoy the price tag of buying a ton of logo’d items for a 2-3 party.  It’s just not budget friendly.  However, if you are a Duck Dynasty fan there are some great options for a birthday party that any fan will love.

Duck Dynasty Birthday Party

Even though the table looks a little small, it was a huge hit with everyone who attended.  I used a lot of camouflaged items from the dollar store and a local party store, plus I hit up Walmart of the Duck Dynasty cups and bandanna to add in a few key pieces, while still keeping to my budget.

I sent these totally adorable invites to all the kids in my daughter’s class at school it really set the mood for the party.  I’ve given you a blank one to download..just add your own text and then have them printed (4×6) as a photo at some place like Walmart’s photo center.  (Note: I edited out some identifying info, so a few parts might look off.)

Duck Dynasty Birthday Invite Printable

{Download a blank version by right clicking HERE! Then add your party details and print.}

Duck Dynasty Birthday Party

The guns are from the dollar store as were the hats, which held all the snacks and party favors.


Duck Dynasty Birthday Party

My local party store sells these candies in single colors, so I picked up two different greens and a bag of black. {I searched for a creamy color, but couldn’t find any.}  I dumped them in a bowl and scooped them into small clear baggies to create my own camo candies.


Duck Dynasty Birthday Party

The party favors were super simple with only a camo pencil, gun, and bag of candy.  I hand wrote the “Thanks for coming” on a sticker to hold the bags closed. You could certainly add a duck dynasty duck call as well {and see the list below with more goodie bag ideas}.


Duck Dynasty Birthday Party



Duck Dynasty Birthday Party

The goodie bags were the centerpiece.  They were placed in a large glass vase that was wrapped in a duck dynasty bandanna.  I kept the camo theme consistent throughout the party, since they guys in the show are all about their camo.


Duck Dynasty Birthday Party

Of course, the highlight of the party were the cupcakes.  I made a simple chocolate cake recipe with my favorite white almond buttercream frosting and then decorated with a camo swirl on top and fun duck dynasty inspired cupcake toppers.

Here are the cupcake toppers I created for the party. They were a huge hit. And I promise to share how I made the swirled camo frosting in a separate post in a couple weeks.


Duck Dynasty Birthday Party cupcake toppers {Free Printables} Duck Dynasty Birthday Party cupcake toppers {Free Printables}

{Download your cupcake toppers here.  Duck Camo or Happy Birthday Camo}

After you download the cupcake toppers, print them with a color printer, and then use a 2 inch circle cutter to cut them out.  Attach candy sticks and you have the cutest cupcake toppers for the party.

Here are some great add-ons for your Duck Dynasty Birthday Party if your budget allows…

just pick a few to really make your party pop!

Camouflage Army Rubber Bracelets
Camouflage Candles
Camouflage Pencils
Camo Cupcake Liners
Camo Flag Banner
Duck Dynasty Cupcake Topper Rings
Mallard Rubber Ducks
Camo Tableware Set
Duck Dynasty Beards for Photos

let’s get social!


  1. Where can I purchase Duck Dynasty duck calls. I looked on Amazon but they are very expensive. I’m looking for the basic duck calls


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