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Messy Party Ideas and Recipes


Last week we had an end of summer party, messy-style.  The kids invited a few friends to the party.  Kids love to get messy and dirty; this party not only allows it, but encourages it!  Grab hold of your party hats folks…this post is full of tons Messy Party Ideas!

Since it was sill hot outside, we started our party inside.  They

  • colored pillowcases.  Using permanent markers and fabric markers the kids let their creative juices flow while they colored their new pillowcases.
  • made gak.  Each of the kids got to pick their color and take home their creation.
  • decorated the ice cream cake.  All the toppings were laid out and they decided how to decorate it.
Messy Party Ideas and Recipes: Make your own Ice Cream Cake
By this time, it had cooled off a bit and the backyard was shaded.  The kids still had no idea what was coming.  The kids changed into their swimsuits and headed outside.  Outside got a bit wild and really messy.
  • The kids decorated cookies and yes they were able to eat them before supper.  Check out the awesome tray I just got from Zak Designs…it’s beautiful, sturdy, and big enough to carry out all the cookie supplies. Love it!
  • The centerpiece was a paint can filled with fresh bright flowers and a few paint brushes from the dollar store.  Cute!
  • The backdrop is an old sheet sprayed with paint give a messy feel to the party.
  • The table was covered with a cheap plastic tablecloth…a must for any messy party!
  • The place settings are from Zak Designs too.  The messy wet paint look is the perfect addition to the party.
Messy Party Ideas and Recipes
After cookie decorating and eating came the best messy games.


  • Water bottles were filled with washable paint, then thinned down with water.  The kids were given the bottles and a few rules, then they went crazy spraying each other, the backdrop, the playcenter.   This was their favorite activity by far.
  • Giant bubbles a little plastic swimming pool with string and hula hoops.
  • Water balloons.
  • The last activity was the water hose and trampoline.  It cleaned up the kids and burned off the rest of the energy.
Messy Party Ideas and Recipes
We headed inside to changed into dry clothes for supper.
Messy Party Ideas and Recipes: BBQ Sliders & Ice Cream Cake
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Disclaimer: Zak Designs provided the table settings and tray for the party.  I was not compensated and all opinions are my own. This post also had a giveaway associated with it, but the giveaway is over now.


  1. Love the idea of washable paint in the spray bottles!

  2. A pizza making party is as messy as I like to try to do!

  3. The kids must have had a lot of fun at that party. The pictures tell it all.

  4. cathy stesney says:

    LOVE the washable paint in spray bottles! My daughter loves to wet the sidewalk with water, draw in the puddle with chalk, then stick her hand in it and get someone all messy!

  5. This is actually the messiest I have ever seen lol what a fun idea! Ty!

  6. Washable paint in water balloons?.. I may try it sometime!

  7. Liz Brueseke says:

    Gak! Love!

  8. I love the washable paint spray bottles! Genius!

  9. We had a slip and slide out for our last party….and it was raining… I am pretty sure that qualifies for messy party fun, because it turned into a mudslide:

  10. This looks like so much fun! I will have to try some of these ideas with my kids.

  11. love these ideas! Thinking we might do pillowcases for my 9 year old’s party!

  12. Tabathia B says:

    hand painting or using water guns with paint and having a fake “paint ball” party for older kids

  13. We love to have what we call an ice cream orgy. We cover the table with plastic wrap, dump a few flavors of ice cream onto the table, several toppings, and have at it with spoons!

  14. Raina Delrio says:

    My fave messy party idea is a shaving cream fight

  15. Carlyn Parker says:

    My favorite is the plastic drop cloth or table cloth. That and a hose to wash the kids after- easy clean up is a must!

  16. Thank you for the great giveaway.

  17. Shawn @ I Wash...You Dry says:

    I love your idea with the spray bottles! So cute, now I wish we would have made it to the party!

  18. The last activity was the water hose and trampoline. It cleaned up the kids and burned off the rest of the energy.

  19. We take the slip and slide out and they get muddy so we cool off with the hose!

  20. rebecca day says:

    A pizza making party is as messy as I like to try it

  21. Make tie-dye shirts

  22. Washable paint in the spray bottles! Hosing them off after! FUN!

  23. penelope merriweather says:

    I think the messey decorating ice cream cake idea was awesome..!! Thanks for this generous giveaway..!!

  24. Colleen Ruk. says:

    Doing a Jackson pollack style painting with the kids!

  25. Thanks for the great ideas, My son has a birthday party in june, the washable paint will be a huge hit!


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