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Recipe Development

I love creating new and unique recipes and would love the chance to create fresh, new, from scratch recipes using your product.  In addition to the hundreds of recipes I’ve created here on AMFT, I’ve developed recipes for many brands.  Brands I’ve worked with include Masterbuilt, Libby’s, Mango Board, and Tofutti.

Brand Ambassador

If you are searching for a blogger to represent your brand I’d love to talk with you further.  Please look around AMFT to see if it will be a good fit for your brand as I will only endorse brands that I’m passionate about.


I love to travel and share my family friendly adventures with AMFT readers.  Please contact me if you have a place that my family needs to see, I’d love to promote it here.

Product Reviews

I do not do product reviews at this time.  If you’d like me to try your product any way, I’d be happy to discuss this with you; however, I make no guarantees that I will mention the products on AMFT or my social media.  I’m


Media Kit is available upon request. Email me at to discuss opportunities.

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  1. I LOVE your homemade coffee creamer ideas!!!! I am wondering if there is something that could be substituted for sweetened condensed milk – that would make a sugar free version? I am allergic to sugar – but I love flavored coffee! This would be the bomb if I could find away to use it in my coffee. Thank you for the great website and all the great ideas!

    • Hmmm…I’m not really sure Shari. Unless you made your own sweetened condensed milk with an artificial sweetener. Or perhaps check a health food store like Whole Foods to see if they have a more natural option.

  2. I just did a blog post about cast iron skillets and found your article on how to take care of them. I posted the link to your site and an image. Please check and see if this is okay. My plan is to let this site ramble and include many things that will fall under the broad heading of “home & garden”. I would be please to work with you and have a media kit. Please check it out and if okay I will leave it or if you want me to I will remove the link. Thanks in advance.

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