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Bed and Breakfast Raspberry Muffins Recipe

Bed and Breakfast Raspberry Muffins

These Bed and Breakfast Raspberry Muffins are quick and easy to put together and the perfect training recipe. The best part is that the results taste fantastic. When my kiddos make these and get back a lot of compliments, it is a total self esteem booster! I started baking with my oldest child when he was 18 months old and all my girls have just stepped right in with us as soon as they were old enough to stand on a chair in the kitchen with us. I love baking with them, even though it sometimes makes a huge mess, because it is an natural … [Read More...]

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Pea-lafel Appetizer Bites


Swapping peas for chickpeas in traditional falafels creates an addicting little Pea-lafel appetizer bite that everyone will love! I have to admit that the first time I heard about falafel it was from a friend who referred to them “awful falafel.” I later happened upon a vegetarian restaurant that made them as part of their […]


Salty Nougat Fudge Brownies

I’m excited to share these easy and yummy Salty Nougat Fudge Brownies with you!!  Now the Mr.  absolutely loves  brownies!  Dark chewy fudgy brownies!!  I have for you today these amazing brownies that started with a mix!!  I usually start with a mix and bump it up a notch and today’s recipe is no exception!! I […]

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist (daily, weekly, & monthly tasks...all on one sheet)

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Need help tackling the day to day tasks in your kitchen?  Check out this Kitchen Cleaning Checklist to get you on track. A couple times a year, I do a major deep clean in my kitchen, but it’s those day to day cleaning tasks that seem to get the better of me.  I rush through […]

Guide to the best Dairy Free Substitutions

Dairy Free Substitutions

In the fall of 2012, I discovered that I had suddenly developed a severe dairy allergy (as in epi-pen worthy severe). I went through a period of time where I was totally bummed out and depressed that I couldn’t have the foods I loved anymore. I am a food blogger, so how is this going […]

Warning! You won't be able to eat just one of these Chocolate Donuts with Cherry Glaze. They taste like a chocolate covered cherry...but as a donut.

Chocolate Donuts with Cherry Glaze

Warning! You won’t be able to eat just one of these Chocolate Donuts with Cherry Glaze.  They taste like a chocolate covered cherry…but as a donut. My favorite candy (when I could eat it) was a chocolate covered cherry! The dark chocolate ones….not the milk chocolate ones!  Yes, I was that picky, but they were […]

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