Menu Planning on a Budget

Menu planning on a budget

Picture this if you will: you go to the grocery store and stock your fridge full of yummy food. You splurge on a few things that look really tasty. You plan for a homemade dinner complete with all the fixings. Then your child’s practice runs late, everyone is starving, and you are left staring blankly […]

Margarita Lime Baked Chicken Wings

Margarita Lime Baked Chicken Wings

A healthier version of the Buffalo Wild Wings new sauce…these Margarita Lime Baked Chicken Wings will knock your socks off. If you haven’t figured it out by now, my family loves Buffalo Wild Wings and love several of their sauces.  My all-time favorite is the Spicy Garlic sauce…it is to-die-for.  It’s garlicy, tangy, and a […]

Bones and Blood Halloween Appetizer

Bones and Blood Halloween Appetizer

This fun Halloween appetizer idea if super fun and easy.  It’s ready in under 30 minutes.  This Bones and Blood Halloween Appetizer is fun for kids of all ages! Is this not the funnest Halloween appetizer?  My kids went INSANE over these fun breadsticks and gobbled up the entire platter in less than 5 minutes.  I […]

Where Slow Food and Whole Food Meet Cookbook {& Giveaway}

Where Slow Food and Whole Food Meet: Healthy Slow Cooker Dinners from our Kitchens to Yours.

I’m so excited to announce that I contributed a recipe to this amazing cookbook.  Today is the official launch date for the Where Slow Food and Whole Food Meet cookbook.  The reason I’m so excited for this cookbook is because all the proceeds benefit Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida! Click HERE to purchase a […]

Keurig 2.0 Review….Is it Worth Buying a New Machine?

Keurig 2.0 Review....Is it Worth Buying a New Machine?

I love my Keurig brewing system and have been using it for several years now. The features are awesome: I can use it for coffee, tea, cocoa, brew over ice, make hot water for oatmeal or noodles. When I found out Keurig was coming out with a new 2.0 system I was a little skeptical. […]

Living On a Budget Series

Living on a Budget: A 12 week series to keep you living within your means and on a budget!

I am so excited to kick off this living on a budget series! I know for some of y’all out there just mentioning the word budget might be scary, but don’t fret. I am here to break it down an make everything super manageable. Living on a budget does not have to equate to ramen […]

6 Tips for Following a Gluten Free Lifestyle

6 Tips to Help You Get Through Your First 6 months on a Gluten Free Diet

Almost two years ago today, I had an extremely allergic reaction to something I ate while on vacation. After an elimination diet, several doctors appointments, medical tests, and lots of tears I got the results from all of the tests. No major issues, but I did test positive for several food allergies, including one that […]

Dr. Pepper Float Popsicles

Dr. Pepper Float Popsicles

One of my favorite childhood memories is making floats with my family. They are so easy to put together, and I love the combination of fizzy soda and ice cream. The concoction would foam up over the glass and I’d need both spoon and straw to devour it. Besides the classic root beer and cola […]

Chocolate Covered Bacon

Chocolate Covered Bacon....only 4 ingredients and perfect for a decadent dessert or holiday gift.

For a decadent treat, try making Chocolate Covered Bacon. It makes great gifts and is a fun party food too! I have had so much fun creating fun and unique bacon recipes for Bacon Month. Make sure check out my other Bacon Recipes such as curing your own bacon, bacon habanero mojitos, bacon banana bread, […]

Bacon & Chocolate Chip Cookies

Next time you make a big batch of chocolate chip cookies...add some crispy bacon to the mix. These Bacon & Chocolate Chip Cookies will blow your mind.

Next time you make a big batch of chocolate chip cookies…add some crispy bacon to the mix. These Bacon & Chocolate Chip Cookies will blow your mind.   As if my Bacon Banana Bread wasn’t totally amazing, today’s Bacon & Chocolate Chip Cookies will knock your socks off.  There is just something magical that happens […]

Bacon Banana Bread

Bacon Banana's so easy to make with only 4 ingredients. You won't believe how amazing it tastes.

As if banana bread isn’t perfect the way it is, try adding some cooked bacon to it! Bacon makes everything better, including this Bacon Banana Bread! Sometimes an idea hits me and it ends up being completely brilliant.  This would be one of those times. Bacon + Banana Bread = Brilliance I love banana bread and […]

Bacon Habanero Mojitos

Bacon Habanero Mojitos

Spice up your cocktail with bacon and habaneros for these unique Bacon Habanero Mojitos. Bacon is such a fun addition to just about anything.  It is crispy, yet can melt in your mouth. It has a complex and depth of flavor that most foods don’t have and it lends these flavors to everything it’s in. […]

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