Creepy Cookie Eyes

creepy eyeball cookies

How cool are these creepy cookie eyes? They are super easy to make because you just start off with vanilla wafers and white chocolate. A little icing and decoration and they are ready for your little trick-or-treaters to enjoy. Halloween is such a fun holiday and I just can’t get enough of these cookies. Just […]

Restaurant Style: Baked Sweet Potato Recipe

Just like your favorite steak house! Restuarant Style Sweet Baked Potatoes

Love getting a hot warm sweet potato at your favorite steakhouse? My Restaurant Style: Baked Sweet Potato Recipe with cinnamon brown sugar butter will totally satisfy that craving. I promise! There really isn’t too much to baking a sweet potato, but there are a few tips to creating the perfect baked sweet potato.  I love […]

Simple Christmas Tablescape

simple christmas tablescape

A beautiful Christmas table doesn’t have to cost a lot.  My Simple Christmas Tablescape is budget friendly and easy to put together. I was recently given the opportunity to go on a mini shopping spree in my local CorningWare/Corelle store to find the perfect items to create a beautiful holiday tablescape as part of the […]

Having Fun on a Budget

Having Fun on a Budget

You may think “fun” and “budget” are opposing concepts, but I want to show you that having fun on a budget is doable! Sticking to your budget can be a little overwhelming, and it’s important to give yourself a well-deserved break now and then. You are more likely to commit to something if you are able […]

Marshmallow Ghosts

Super fun and spooky Halloween treat that the kids can help make. These Marshmallow Ghosts are frighteningly simple to make.

Super fun and spooky Halloween treat that the kids can help make.  These Marshmallow Ghosts are frighteningly simple to make. Just a couple simple ingredients that are probably already in your pantry and you can make these super fun Marshmallow Ghosts for Halloween this year.  They will make spooky treats for school, add ghoulish fun […]

Easy Fall Centerpiece Idea

Easy Fall Inspired Centerpiece Idea....great for Halloween too!

I was recently contacted by Halloween Costumes to take a look at their new section of table decor.  I’m not a big decorator for different holidays…I’m lazy and hate changing things out every month, but I do love to change things up for the seasons a little bit. I knew I wanted something simple this […]

Pumpkin Hummus

Pumpkin Hummus....perfect for a Fall appetizer

This may be the most perfect Halloween Appetizer ever! I love hummus, I love pumpkin things…so why not combine them into a delicious Pumpkin Hummus? I’ve got pumpkin on my brain and I’m planning for company, so I had to combine a few of my favorite things together to create this amazing dip.  My kids […]

Snack Ideas on a Budget

snack ideas on a budget

If you are trying to eat healthy, plan your meals, and live on a budget you will probably need to find some snacks that are cheap but aren’t junk. Kids always seem like they are starving after school. With busy schedules and crazy days, it’s good to have a plan so you aren’t spending your money […]

Churro Bites

Churro Bites...taste just as good as the ones at Disneyland or Costco, but bite sized!

Once you pop one in your mouth, you won’t be able to stop eating these addictive, little Churro Bites! It’s been two years since I’ve had a churro.  That’s three trips to Disneyland and probably 24 trips to Costco smelling those amazing sticks of cinnamon goodness.  Plus it’s just pure evil to have to watch […]

Dia De Los Muertos Round Up

dia de los muertos round up

Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead is a holiday celebrating and remembering deceased friends and family. Is is a colorful and joyful celebration that honors the dead through traditions including making altars, sugar skulls, favorite foods, and visiting graves. I have gathered over 30 crafts, food, and party ideas for you to […]

4 Spooky Halloween Popsicles

4 Spooky Halloween Popsicles

I love celebrating Halloween with my kids. It’s always a great time of year for dressing up, cute and spooky food ideas, and eerie decorating. Scare up some fun with these 4 spooky Halloween popsicles! They are deliciously chilling and refreshing- the perfect Halloween treat. I used my Zoku quick pop maker and then embellished each one. When […]

Groceries on a Budget

Groceries on a budget

Food is typically the third biggest chunk of a household’s budget, after housing and transportation. Keep your grocery dollars in check and you may find it doesn’t “eat up” as much of your monthly budget. These tips will help you keep your dollars where you want them. Setting Your Budget Even saving a little per […]

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