Fried Cadbury Eggs

Fried Cadbury Eggs....take a Cadbury Egg, wrap in sugar cookie dough, dip in egg batter and fry! Such a fun Easter dessert for the kids!

Fried Cadbury Eggs….take a Cadbury Egg, wrap in sugar cookie dough, dip in egg batter and fry!  Such a fun Easter dessert for the kids! Warning: These are not healthy…nor can I eat any part of it, but I got rave reviews when I came up with it that I took a couple quick photos […]

Easy Easter Cookies

Easy Easter Cookies...only 3 ingredients!

These Easy Easter Cookies only have 3 ingredients! They are the perfect activity for kids or for a school party! My kids and I were wondering through the grocery store recently and decided it would be fun to make some festive Easter cookies but we didn’t have a lot of time so I talked them […]

Easter Krackle Bars

Easter Krackle Bars

Homemade Easter chocolate bars plus rice krispies equals the most amazing Easter Krackle Bars.  These are way better than any Easter cookie bark! Who needs cookies when just chocolate will do.  However, with that said make sure to use a really REALLY good brand of chocolate and white chocolate. Easter is one of my favorite […]

Firecracker Green Beans

Firecracker Green Beans

  If you have figured it out, I love recreating my favorite restaurant dishes at home.  One of our favorite BBQ places is none other than Famous Dave’s BBQ.  One of my new favorites when we go are the Firecracker Green Beans.  They are always perfectly cooked with a hint of bacon and a little bit spicy. […]

Empty Tomb Rolls

Empty Tomb Rolls...teaching kids the true meaning of Easter

I’m always searching for creative ways to teach my children Bible stories.  My kids learn better with hands-on activities while we are talking and then being able to visualize what we are talking about.  I first heard about Empty Tomb Rolls several years ago and I know they are all over the web now, but I’ve got […]

Avocado Bacon Deviled Eggs

Avocado Bacon Deviled Eggs

Let’s talk deviled eggs, shall we.  They are amazingly delicious  But they have been around for decades without much change.  I typically make them the same way mom makes them, who makes them the same way her mom makes them, etc.  I’ve been thinking about how I could update the traditional deviled egg with a […]

Easter Rewind


Cadbury Egg Cupcakes (there’s a Cadbury Egg Cupcake) Sweet & Salty Spring Snack Mix Fun Easter Basket Cupcakes Easter Basket Cake Chewy Gooey Rice Krispies Chicks  Resurrection Cookies (Teach kids the Easter Story with these cookies) Easter Tradition Ideas Leftover Ham? Ham & Mac Casserole

Easter Tradition Ideas

Easter Traditions

Today, Good Friday, is the beginning of Easter weekend. There are so many different ways to celebrate.  For us, Good Friday is a day of remembrance and a day of fasting and prayer which leads to a wonderful day of praise and rejoicing on Sunday.  How do you celebrate Easter? I wanted to share some […]

Resurrection Cookies

Resurrection Cookies

I wish I could take credit for coming up with this idea, but I can’t.  However, I have no idea where the idea originated from…send me an email if you know where it started.  In any event, we have been making these as part of our Easter traditions.  Even though we fully do the Easter […]

Easter Basket Cake

60 Easter Basket 2

I just love Easter!  I love celebrating the true meaning of Easter as well as the fun side.  I plan on sharing a lot of Easter goodies with y’all in the next few weeks…unfortunately for my waistline, I think they are all sweet treats.   Some are fun and some are more for the religious aspects […]