How to Bake Crispy Chicken Wings

How to Bake Crispy Chicken Wings

Learn how to bake crispy chicken wings that are less fattening than the fried versions, but they are perfectly crispy and delicious.   Over the years, I’ve made my fair share fried chicken wings but they aren’t exactly the healthiest foods.  So, I’ve tried and tried….oh believe me, I’ve tried to bake our wings.  The […]

Margarita Lime Baked Chicken Wings


A healthier version of the Buffalo Wild Wings new sauce…these Margarita Lime Baked Chicken Wings will knock your socks off. If you haven’t figured it out by now, my family loves Buffalo Wild Wings and love several of their sauces.  My all-time favorite is the Spicy Garlic sauce…it is to-die-for.  It’s garlicy, tangy, and a […]

Grilled Cumin Lime Chicken

Cumin Lime Chicken #15MinuteSuppers

As it begins to heat up outside, we do more and more grilling.  It’s easy, fun, and the whole meal start to finish can be done outside with little work.  I love marinading my meats overnight, it gives so much flavor, but sometimes things need to be done fast and on the table.  There is […]

Chicken Avocado Verde Tostados

Chicken Avocado Verde Tostados #15MinuteSuppers

Living in Southwest, my family has come to love Mexican-style foods.  We eat it probably 4 nights a week and just can’t seem to get enough of the flavors.  One thing that I have recently started to love is a perfectly ripe avocado..specifically in the form of guacamole!  I just can’t get enough.  Partnering with […]

Clean Eating: Quick & Healthy Baked Ziti

Clean Eating: Baked it's gluten free! #12bloggers

Can I be honest with you?  I’m gonna sound a bit vain, but I’m totally in love with this pasta dish I made.  I think I ate it for three days straight…yep…it was that good.  I’ve been seeing a lot about the clean eating movement and did some quick research and realized I pretty much […]

Chicken Scallopine

Chicken Scallopine #15MinuteSuppers

Part of my New Year’s resolution is to cook more at home….yep even I have trouble getting supper on the table sometimes with hectic schedules.  Sometimes it’s just easier to grab take out, but we are trying to eat better and eat at home 6 out of 7 nights each week.  We love to go […]

Sweet Potato & Turkey Hash

Sweet Potato & Turkey Hash {Perfect for Holiday Leftovers} #15MinuteSuppers

I love creating entirely new recipes using leftovers!  It makes the leftovers not seem too much like leftovers.  I made this Sweet Potato & Turkey Hash using up our Thanksgiving leftovers (but it would also work with Christmas leftovers too).  A bonus is that this recipe also works as a breakfast, lunch, or supper!  Oh that’s […]

Bacon Wrapped Garlic Sage Chicken

Bacon Wrapped Garlic Sage Chicken

Dinner always seems to sneak up on me.  I have no idea how that happens because it’s always the same time every single day.  But I get wrapped up in homework, after school activities, chatting with family and friends, and cleaning up messes that some times, I just forget to plan something.  I’ve really been […]

Cooking 101 Basics Week #7 – How to Roast A Chicken

Perfectly Roasted Chicken

How To Sign Up: If you’d like to join the cooking classes challenge, sign up by joining the Cooking 101: The Basics group on Facebook.  Over there you can ask questions, post tips and recipe photos, and help each other along the way. Please Grab a Button: If you are following along, the please grab a class […]