Marie Callendar’s Peppermint Pie

Marie Calendar's Peppermint Pie

Marie Callendar’s Peppermint Pie! Oh yes…it’s part of my peppermint week of posts! YUM!

With the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season in full swing, I try to make sure I actually stop and savor all the wonderful moments I can with my kids and husband.  It’s hard to slow down, I get it…everyone is having a party, needs a present, wants you do make cookies for school, etc, etc, etc.

Why not make your family’s favorite meal TONIGHT (I have a pot roast with all the fixin’s going right now in my slow cooker) and serve up this tasty Peppermint Pie from Marie Callendar’s.  Sit down together as a family, with no interruptions, and just enjoy the time together with some wonderful food.  Make the time to do it…NO EXCUSES!   Whatever you decide to make for supper, make it easy on yourself so that you can really enjoy the evening.

Having Marie Callendar’s Peppermint Pie is a wonderful way to get a flavor of the season without a lot of work and it’s really good!  No baking required!  Served chilled, it’s sort of cross between an ice cream cake/pie and a cool whip pie.  It’s creamy, peppermint-y, and chocolate-y!  And!  It’s the perfect balance of flavors and textures!

Just put the frozen pie in your fridge for about an hour before serving and it will be perfect!  I don’t think dessert can get any easier than that!  Need more ideas for helping to make your holiday supper easier when hosting a group?  Head over to my Easy Entertaining Ideas for the Holidays for some great tips!

Marie Calendar's Peppermint Pie

Click the above photo (or HERE) for a $1 coupon on ANY Marie Callender’s frozen pie, not just the Peppermint Pie.  Perfect for your holiday table this year or to have a family night treat!

Disclaimer: I received a product sample and was compensated for my review.  All opinions are my own.

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